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Boy, 7, In Critical Condition After Falling From Third-Story Hotel Window

Renée Santos

Mar 15, 2021

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — The Roseville community is in shock after a young boy fell three stories from a hotel window Sunday.

“I would want to know why it happened then absolutely what kind of precautions they could put in to prevent it from happening,” one woman said.

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Police radio details first responders rushing to rescue the 7-year-old boy who fell three stories from the Residence Inn on Freedom Way near Top Golf. The child was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Roseville police say the boy was leaning on a window screen when it gave way, causing him to fall.

CBS13 checked into a room at the hotel and saw the windows inside were latched with stoppers screwed in at the top preventing the window from opening more than a few inches.

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“It’s awful, it’s devastating that something like that can happen,” Amber Rosen.

Rosen used to work in the hotel industry and says safety measures are in place but accidents do happen.

“Your heart goes out to any family we can all easily end up in that situation. I mean, I think it’s kind of the same thing as having a pool and just having safety guards up so that you protect your family,” she said.

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